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Original images of authentic Schreiner NYC jewelry play a vital role in the identification process. Prevention of image piracy can encourage sharing of images and knowledge, avoid misleading information, clarify ownership, and protect copyright holder's financial interest.


I) Four Layers of Protection:
1. A 6-character Unique Image ID (IMGID)
2. Watermark
3. EXIF Image Meta Data
4. Raw Images Saved

II) How Would The Protection Work
Four ways to prove a photo is yours...

III) Appendix Pictures
1. Watermark with Unique Image ID (IMGID)
2. View EXIF Image Data with Common Tool
3/4. View EXIF Image Data with Professional Tool

  I) Four Layers of Protection    

Here in (hereinafter quoted as the system), we use 4 layers of protection for images admitted to our database:

1.   A 6-character Unique Image ID (IMGID)

Unique Image ID(IMGID) allows us to track up to 2.1 billion unique images.

Each image in, once reviewed and identified as original and admitted to our database, will have a permanent 6-character tracking ID (IMGID) assigned by our system.

With this Image ID, our system stores the original raw image and background information provided by the copyright holder including creation time, name of the photographer/artist, and contact of the copyright holder, etc. Copyright holder can choose to make certain information public or only available when queried by herself.

2.   Watermark

A watermark is added to the lower left corner of each image. The watermark includes IMGID and copyright holder information (can be hidden). Please see above image for details.

3.   EXIF Image Meta Data

The system writes image creation time, artist/photographer and other information into EXIF part of the image file according to the preference of the copyright holder. This information can be viewed on most digital cameras and image tools.

View EXIF Info with Image Preview Tool on Macbook

View Detailed EXIF Info with Professional Tool

4. Raw Image Saved

For each image admitted to the system's database, we store the original raw image submitted, watermarked image and other related files if any.

  II) How Would the Protection Work?    

Based on information online, there are currently four ways to prove an image is yours:
1. Register with US Copyright Office
2. Save the original high-resoluation or raw image file
3. Add copyright information as meta data into the image
4. Record detailed information of the creation of the image, including the equipment used, time of creation, witnesses, travel tickets, etc.

On, the second and third methods are now automatically applied to each image admitted to our database.
Upon the copyright holder's request, we will provide the raw image and other information to assist the holder's personal right protection activity.

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  III) Appendix Pictures    

Pic-1: Watermark with Unique Image ID - IMGID (back)

Pic-2: View EXIF Info with Image Preview Tool on Macbook (back)

Pic-3,4 View Detailed EXIF Info with Professional Tool (back)

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