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Classical Schreiner Designs  

Schreiner Ruffle jewelrySchreiner Dahlia jewelrySchreiner Flowers without stem jewelry
RuffleDahliaFlowers without stem
Schreiner Bugs jewelrySchreiner Butterflies jewelrySchreiner Dragonfly jewelry
Schreiner Animals jewelrySchreiner Poodles jewelrySchreiner Flowers with stem jewelry
AnimalsPoodlesFlowers with stem
Schreiner Moroccan Disc jewelrySchreiner Large Pointed Crystal jewelrySchreiner Carved Leaf jewelry
Moroccan DiscLarge Pointed CrystalCarved Leaf
Schreiner Comma Stone jewelrySchreiner Ribbon jewelrySchreiner Unique Stones jewelry
Comma StoneRibbonUnique Stones
Schreiner Venetian Glasses jewelrySchreiner Fancy Maltese Cross jewelrySchreiner Petal Stone jewelry
Venetian GlassesFancy Maltese CrossPetal Stone
Schreiner Millefiori jewelrySchreiner Large Moon Rock jewelrySchreiner Concave jewelry
MillefioriLarge Moon RockConcave
Schreiner Sprawling Flower jewelrySchreiner Long Teardrop Bead jewelrySchreiner Molded Flower Stone jewelry
Sprawling FlowerLong Teardrop BeadMolded Flower Stone