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Grouped to Matched Series Level
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Schreiner 9 large rose cut disc buckle crystal coral emerld amber goldtone jewelrySchreiner 8 large oval cab connected by 4 navette 10 small chaton smoky blue brown jewelrySchreiner 5 large oval moroccan tile large oval green blue red moroccan tile goldtone jewelry
Schreiner chain of 5 large cabochon dragonsmoke gold brown goldtone jewelrySchreiner 2 strand 6 group triple stone large cab open back navy goldtone jewelrySchreiner horizontal symmetrical keystone buckle 2 level 4 group of 5 keystone large round faceted cab center 6 small surrounding chaton X84BUB jewelry
Schreiner chain of 3 large cabochone crystal open back goldtone jewelrySchreiner large oval moroccan tile metal deco pale blue red green brown moroccan tile silvertone jewelrySchreiner radial keystone ruffle cross pin large oval center hook eye lapis keystone faux pearl surrounding red art glass large oval center goldtone jewelry
Schreiner hexagon start shaped radial buckle 6 large teardrop chaton center 6 teardrop surrounding metal deco goldtone brown large faceted teardrop ice blue small teardrop jewelrySchreiner large oval radial buckle 5 large oval cab 8 navette 8 square stone metal scrollwork pale blue navette purple small square stone red large oval cab silvertone jewelrySchreiner 10 large oval stone connected by 3 chaton and 8 small chaton large oval millefiori crystal smoky blue inverted gunmetal jewelry
Schreiner large oval filigree metal deco buckle goldtone jewelrySchreiner turtle large cab body 4 teardrop feet cab head white goldtone jewelrySchreiner diamond shaped radial 4 large bubble buckle large oval center 2 round 12 navette metal cup deco marbled coral teardrop art glass millefiori large oval center faux pearl green crystal faceted navette goldtone jewelry
Schreiner 8 large oval cab connected by 5 large chaton 12 small chaton large oval multi colored stone red pale lavender silvertone jewelrySchreiner 28 dangling art glass metal strand mesh drippy belt green dangling art glass pink amber clear champgne twisted wire goldtone jewelrySchreiner 4 large millefiori radial square buckle green millefiori brown red goldtone jewelry
Schreiner butterfly buckle 4 large faceted teardrop teardrop tail clear green open back large teardrop clear ruby chaton clear amber inverted crytstal goldtone jewelrySchreiner 2 row wide belt 15 large oval cab inverted stone ruby dragon breath large oval cab crystal inverted stone ruby chaton silvertone jewelrySchreiner giant round scroll work deco buckle 9 large oval cab 8 surrounding chaton 4 small navette emerald crystal black snake skin belt jewelry
Schreiner 2 strand 14 large disc 13 oval stone total 27 stone faux pearl lapis emerald opaque coral opaque baby blue goldtone jewelrySchreiner 3 large oval cab connected by 18 navette 6 chaton crystal large oval baroque pearl goldtone stretch metal belt jewelrySchreiner large greek key square stone center buckle 1 large oval cab 5 large chaton jade greek key square stone moonglow white chaton marbled pink goldtone jewelry